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We make improvements to the website weekly. Recently, we modified our home page to better communicate who we are and the service we offer. I recorded a short video, with the help of my daughter and my husband. I edited the video using Apple’s iMovie. Have you seen it? Check it out and let us know what you think! We are also working on RSS feed for our problem of the day, so that people can get the problem of the day in other ways.

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The school year is over for most of our families and summer is here. I don’t know what people’s plans are for the summer. My family is busy with plans for summer camps, schools, and a family vacation. As parents, we try to strike a balance between relaxation and fun, creative activities and being productive. We try to keep our children’s minds sharp, so we try to give them something academic over the summer, to try to ensure they don’t forget everything they learned over the past year. If you are thinking of giving your child some math during the summer, GoldStudent can be a good tool for you. You can think of a way to reward them for the worksheets they complete. It is amazing how well a reward can help.

The challenge with math is that it is a rather boring and dry subject for most people. However, math is also important, as we all need some level of math in our daily lives. How can we help our children master the basic math skills they need for the real world? If you have any good ideas, please share with us!

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