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Sally wants to do a home improvement project.  Her kitchen floor is in bad shape and she wants to retile the floor.  She needs to figure out how many tiles to buy.  Her kitchen measures 15’ by 20’.  She will use tiles that measure 13” by 13”.  The tile costs $3.50 per square feet.  How many tiles does she need to buy and how much will the tiles cost?

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Last month we talked about compound interest. This month we will use the compound interest concept and do a real-world problem, a kind of exercise often performed by financial analysts.

Netflix is a company that provides movies for viewing, either by streaming online or by mailing a DVD to your home. As a company, it has done extremely well. Its revenue (the total amount of money it receives from all of its customers) was $1.21B (billion) in 2007, $1.36B in 2008, and $1.67B in 2009. Here is the problem: What was Netflix’s average revenue growth rate from 2007 to 2009? If it continues to grow at that rate, how big will the revenue be in 2015?

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The school year is over for most of our families and summer is here. I don’t know what people’s plans are for the summer. My family is busy with plans for summer camps, schools, and a family vacation. As parents, we try to strike a balance between relaxation and fun, creative activities and being productive. We try to keep our children’s minds sharp, so we try to give them something academic over the summer, to try to ensure they don’t forget everything they learned over the past year. If you are thinking of giving your child some math during the summer, GoldStudent can be a good tool for you. You can think of a way to reward them for the worksheets they complete. It is amazing how well a reward can help.

The challenge with math is that it is a rather boring and dry subject for most people. However, math is also important, as we all need some level of math in our daily lives. How can we help our children master the basic math skills they need for the real world? If you have any good ideas, please share with us!

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Motivation in math, or the concept of motivational math is a rare concept indeed! There are very few children that really want to practice math.  Children often think math is hard.  They see math as a chore; boring, frustrating or just plain lame?.  There are no flashing lights in math, no action figures or warrior games – all of which are provided in abundance by video games and television.

But motivation for math is still possible.  And teaching motivation in math is what GoldStudent does.  GoldStudent does not provide flashing lights and action figures in their math program.  What GoldStudent does provide is a program that not only gives students motivation for math, it also delivers a program that will have students motivated and confident and actually practicing math on an ongoing basis.  Hard to believe but true; motivation in math is possible!

When watching a child play a video game, do you ever marvel at their ability to concentrate and their attention to detail? Those same concentration and attention to detail qualities are what help children excel in math, and what GoldStudent taps into to keep motivating kids to flex their math power.

At GoldStudent, we feel that the kind of attention and concentration that is needed to do math exercises should be rewarded, and that progress and success in studying math should carry a proportional reward. As a result, GoldStudent has developed a point system to reward success and progress (aka; motivation in math) through the curriculum developed for each student.

Here’s how GoldStudent’s motivation in math works:  Students earn points for completing math worksheets and for passing topic and chapter tests. The more math work that a student accomplishes (or the more math motivation that a student displays), the more points they earn.  More points are also earned for higher performance; the higher percentage of math problems a student gets correct, the more points they accumulate. Students can constantly track on the GoldStudent website exactly how many points they have accumulated, and they’ll see how their point total grows as they make progress.   Talk about creating a motivation for math!

The points are a reward in and of themselves, but GoldStudent also provides the ability for students to redeem points for prizes. GoldStudent offers a range of prizes for which students can exchange the points they have earned in order to receive the prizes of their choosing.  Larger prizes are redeemed for more points, smaller prizes for fewer points. Available prizes range from multicolor pens and stickers, to bracelets, earrings, Game Boy & trade games to Itunes gift certificates. Parents have the ability to choose which prizes their children are permitted to exchange points for, and all prizes are shipped care of the parents name, so that parents can review all redeemed prizes before giving them to their children.

Motivation in math is possible.  As parents ourselves, we know it can be tough to get children to practice math.  But when it comes motivating your children to work on their math skills, turn to GoldStudent for help.

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Practice makes perfect. We’ve all heard the term. Everyone is familiar with the idea that to succeed in sports, athletes need to practice, practice, and more practice in order to excel. In sports, training your body to perform certain actions, certain maneuvers, to achieve a certain control over a ball all these things require many hours of practice of different kinds. With enough practice, many people can become very good at whatever sport they choose good enough to play well and to enjoy and thrive in the sport of their choice.

But who has heard that math practice makes perfect? Math practice works exactly the same was as practice for sports: You need to train your brain to think a certain way, to perform certain mental maneuvers, to learn to control numbers and equations so that they do what you want. In math, just as in sports, repetition leads to perfection, or at least an ability to perform accurately and quickly. Math practice for kids is very important so that they can learn to master math skills.

There are several options to get math help for children who want to master math through practice. Some important concepts to keep in mind:

  • The importance of math worksheets: Math worksheets define what practice is all about. Students who continually work on a series of math practice worksheets on a particular topic have a much higher likelihood of not only mastering the math concept, but also of raising their confidence levels on their overall math ability.
  • Problem solving practice drills: Part of the math worksheet process, problem solving practice drills give students real-life math challenges to help them master the math topic at hand.
  • Word problems in math: Math word problems prove to be some of the toughest for kids. But practicing word math problems over time will result in children ability to transfer their math knowledge to everyday life situations.

Practicing problem solving in math is what GoldStudent was created to do. GoldStudent is designed around the idea that math practice makes perfect. We have developed millions of math problems covering a wide range of curriculum materials. But even better yet, for optimal practice each of the math problems are customized to each student’s needs based on their current skill level. Through problem solving practice, students can perform as many math practice worksheets in as many areas of math as they want. GoldStudent is math help at its infinite best helping students practice and stay motivated to ultimately succeed and achieve math pro status!

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As adults we use math every day.  But who would have thought that the math lesson plans we followed when we were children would serve us so well as adults? We know now that math is an important part of everyday life, and having a solid math skill foundation allows us to not only function but thrive in our personal and professional lives.

Think back today to all the times you used math to solve a problem big or small.

  • At the grocery store trying to figure out which size of peanut butter is the best value.
  • Calculating the interest that you’re receiving on a savings account.
  • Determining how much the beautiful sweater will cost now that it’s 20% off.
  • Playing the banker in Monopoly and making change for a $500.
  • Saving the company money by renegotiating contract rates.

All of these tasks require math skill, and having comfort with these math skills help you manage your life.  This math skill is what your child needs to thrive in life as well.  At GoldStudent, we believe that a solid math foundation provides children with the skills and the confidence they need to tackle the world.

Beyond the day to day math challenges that life can throw, as children learn and grow they’ll realize all the wonderful professions that rely on math as a central component, including medicine, engineering, science and accounting to name a few. The ability and confidence to do math quickly and accurately can lead to success in all of these fields.

Here are our top ten picks for how strong math skills and success in math can help children succeed in life:

    1. Doing well in math tests at school gets children into more advanced math classes.
    2. Strong math skills in a variety of math topics will result in higher SAT scores, giving children the opportunity to get into a better college.
    3. Strong problem solving skills and confidence will lead to internships and job opportunities for those students that excel in college.
    4. Having confidence and finding joy in math will allow young adults to pursue a successful career that they will take pride in and enjoy.
    5. Being smart with money through knowledge of math principles will allow young adults to save on important purchases like accurately calculating interest rates a new car.
    6. Budgeting for a family.  Making smart money decisions every day builds a strong financial foundation.  This includes everything from finding which brand of cereal is the cheapest by the serving to determining if the home loan should be refinanced!
    7. Vacationing.  Using math to calculate the best value on a trip could mean a longer vacation is it better to fly or drive? Eat out or cook in?
    8. Not getting cheated.  Strong math skills allow someone to quickly see if a bill has been mis-calculated or a tip has been automatically added.
    9. Understand current events.  Math enables someone to understand statistical results in a survey or study.
    10. Just having fun.  Playing games, learning to knit, building something all these things require math skills.

      Life is full of math and math is full of life.  At GoldStudent, we think that’s a beautiful thing indeed! GoldStudent is a math resource for those children who need a bit of help with math as well as for those kids that just need a bit more of a challenge than their schoolwork provides.  GoldStudent has a customized math program for each and every student, with personalized math worksheets to help children build their math skills over time.

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